Chad Kellogg: Speedclimbing’s Dr. Frederick Cook?

Since 2004, outrage about Chad Kellogg’s fraud cases, lack of integrity regarding his public commitments to hire timing officials for his speed climbs, ill-will toward major US speedclimber Dan Howitt (see Adventure Sports article p1 p2), etc, has been expanding throughout the international climbing community —  the USA, Kazakhstan, Russia, Africa, Italy, Canada, Germany, Nepal, England, China, etc.

This recent New York Times article and video by Sean Patrick Farrell

has angered those familiar with Chad Kellogg’s extraordinary deception.  Kellogg  has committed fraud in a number of ways, and he continues to devise different ways of fraud in response to the formidable disputes against him revealing what he had done to the trusting, unsuspecting public.

Also, as shown in the article, Kellogg deceived the New York Times writer Farrell to believe there are no official speed climbing records.  Farrell also interviewed the American Alpine Club president Steve Swenson and Swenson stated there are no official speed climbing records.  False.  The internationally renowned organization in Italy, The International Federation for Sport at Altitude (ISF) has certified and taken part in officiating an array of officially timed speed climbing records on Shishapangma, Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, Pumori, many Alps records, etc.  Dan Howitt in the US has set, and currently holds, the officially timed speed climbing records on Mt. Rainier, Shasta, Adams, and Hood, using hired 3rd party companies to time him, the details of which, news articles for which, and photos for which, are readily available on many internet websites.  Jim Whittaker was the first US citizen to set an official record on Rainier, in 1959 at 5 hours 20 minutes to the summit from Paradise (5400′-14,411′)  The information about the many officially timed speedclimbing records is common knowledge among experts in the sport, such as the ISF, Team Kilimanjaro, the American Trail Runners Association, USA Track and Field Oregon Mountain Running.  Also, there are 2 speedclimbing races held each year on Mt. Elbrus in Russia, and each race is officially times, and there are official records for the mountain.  There is also a yearly race on Peak Amangeldy in Kazakhstan on Christmas day to honor Anatoli Boukreev on the day he died, and there are official records for ascending that mountain.

Russian Climb reports on these races each year  A list of records for 2005-2010

This series of reports outlines some of Chad Kelloggs fraud

Shortly, this blog will provide an collection of the extensive fraud-reports about Chad (Rainier, Denali, Khan Tengri, Everest 2010, etc).